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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a condition which causes pain shoulder. Typically this causes pain with overhead activities such as painting, brushing ones hair, or swimming.

Impingement is caused by the muscles or bursa of the shoulder being "pinched" by the surrounding bones. This is typically the result of a muscular imbalance preventing the ball and socket joint of your shoulder from working properly. If left untreated shoulder impingement can progress to tendinitis, bursitis, or tearing of the rotator cuff.

Typical treatment for Impingement Syndrome involves restoring the muscular balance to the shoulder allowing the joint to function properly and no longer pinch the involved muscles. Sometimes rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories are used to reduce inflammation caused by the condition.

Physical therapy goals will be to reduce inflammation, strengthen the shoulder girdle muscles, improve shoulder motion, and assess for muscle damage cause by the impingement.


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